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Where We're Going

We intend to create an intergenerational residential setting for housing older adults, caring for young children, and enriching the community. At this time, we are working on multiple fronts to accomplish our vision to be a national model for intergenerational elder care.

In response to repeated requests, Lynn Johnson hosted a number of community meetings, supplemented by Molly Malone’s interviews with local and regional stakeholders, to clearly understand what kind of services are needed and wanted in the Murray County area. A board of directors was formed and their meetings are ongoing. Concurrently, Molly Malone submitted a successful proposal to the University of Minnesota for a 13-week internship that began in June. The intern, a graduate student at the U of M Twin Cities campus, is preparing a plan for an age-integrated neighborhood in Slayton; this will be submitted in September 2020. Leeny MaloneBeach has submitted two grants for funding (one rejected and one pending).

Through funding from the City of Slayton, Southwest Regional Development Commission was hired to help in the preparation of mission and vision statements, a strategic plan, a website and Facebook page. Two grant proposals are in preparation and efforts to identify and purchase a suitable piece of land are ongoing. In July, fundraising will begin in earnest. In the next year, we will begin construction of independent living spaces, continuing stepwise across time with memory care, child care, and skilled nursing care. Expanding on existing national and international elder care arrangements, we will build a model for supporting older adults who wish to age in a welcoming rural environment. 


As a grassroots organization, it is imperative that we receive and attend to community input. As the project progresses, we will host events that provide opportunities for conversations and idea generation. We will also watch for comments submitted via the webpage, email and Facebook, and you are welcome to call our office.

We see a bright future for elders, families, education, and businesses in the Murray County region. Please help us make it happen.

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